June 28, 2011

The Adventures Of Mario And Luigi

My youngest Colton had a play date with one of his buddies and he was concerned that I would be lonely while he was gone.  He told me that his other buddies Mario and Luigi would keep me company while he was away.  I was touched by his concern for Mommy so I thought it would be fun to show him  the exciting adventures that Mario and Luigi had while he was gone and how much help they were to me, so without further ado I give you The Adventures of Mario and Luigi!!

After dropping Colton off at his friend's house, Mommy made a quick trip to the grocery store and picked up some groceries.  When Mommy got home, Luigi decided to help me put the groceries away.  Easy MacN'Chees is a staple at our house - its easy and quick to make and the boys  like it, plus its a break from the usual turkey and cheese sandwich or peanut butter and jelly sandwich they they get for lunch.  Even Luigi likes it!!

While Luigi was busy helping me put the groceries away, Mario decided to take a T.V break and watch All My Children.  Seriously though, like Mario really needs more drama in his life - Princess Pea getting kidnapped by Bowser all the time is drama enough for this little guy.  

Luigi proved to be a big helper for Mommy.  He helped me sort and put away the laundry.  But he did make a few mistakes while sorting and put my shirts in Daddy's drawers by mistake.  Oops!!  

After All My Children, Mario decided to help me with a couple of jewelry pieces that Mommy needed to finish up.  Yes that is what Mommy's jewelry table looks like right now.  Maybe Mario can help me organize it later?  

While Mario helped Mommy with her jewelry, Luigi took a well deserved break and chatted on the phone with his friend Yoshi about all the mushrooms they were going to eat later on for dinner.  

Soon it was time to get the mail, so Mario went out and got the mail for Mommy.  It was a bunch of junk mail and he put it into the recycling tub because he knows how important it is to recycle!!  (And Mario wanted me to tell you all that after looking at this picture he realized he needs a bit of a tan!)

Mommy got some painting done this afternoon and Luigi helped too!!  He is a great painter - look at all the shabby white frames he helped paint for my sale this weekend!

Finally, Mario and Luigi made a Starbucks run and shared a Iced Chai Tea Latte because that is what good brother's do.  They sat on the porch and enjoyed their tea and got a little sun.  But Mommy was sure to make sure they put on sunscreen so they wouldn't get a sunburn.  

The End!!!

June 27, 2011

Ruffles N' Stuff

This weekend I went to estate sales, garage sales, an antique show and several antique malls. I found lots of beautiful treasures, and I am going to start with the "stuff."

On Saturday I attended the Old Summit Country Antique that is held in Lee's Summit, MO several times a year.  I saw Sandee, who has a booth at Bottoms Up, as well as owning two antique malls in Greenwood, MO - Greenwood Mercantile and Millet & Co.   Melinda of TresMelindas was there selling her awesome Rustic Pendants and rusty finds.  And Beth had a booth full of awesome antique and vintage finds, which I also happened to buy a beautiful cameo and some old brass tags from.

My favorite find was this amazing chippy mint green table that U purchased from a vendor from St. Joseph, MO.  To make it usable, I cleaned it up with a little bit of water and dish soap, then lightly sanded it to get all the flaky paint off, then sealed it with wax to give it a nice luster.  I also added brackets to the legs to give it a little more stability, as it was a little wobbly.  I can't decide if I am going keep it at home or take it to Bottoms Up to use as a display piece, but I do know that I love it too much to sell right now.  It would work wonderfully as a sofa table, but my boys have a habit of jumping over the back of the sofa and I am not sure if they would be easy on the table.  Decisions........decisions..........

Yesterday I headed to a couple of antique malls and I found some pretty vintage millinery hats.  Its been a while since I have found any around here for the right price.  Its seemed like dealers realized money was to be make in hats so up the prices went, but these were all found for under 5 dollars each!!!

Okay -- so now I get to the other part - Ruffles!!!!  On Friday I got my boys up early and headed to a bunch of garage sales in my area.  We hit up sales in Lee's Summit, Raytown, Independence and lastly Blue Springs.  My last garage sale of the day was in downtown Blue Springs and a lovely little cottage style home.  It was early afternoon and HOT, so the ladies running the sale were getting ready to call it a day.  They were busy bringing things into the garage when I arrived, but I was able to get a few deals, when I noticed a handwritten sign on the wall of the garage : Vintage/Old Western/Square Dancing clothes are for sale - please inquire if interested.

Well I am not big on Western wear, but I also happen to know that big beautiful petticoats go along with Western/Square Dancing clothes, so I decided to ask if they happened to have any petticoats.  This very sweet woman replied that she had probably over 20 of them in her attic and wanted to know if I would like to take a look.  Ummmmmmmmm................need I be asked twice?!?!

In getting to know this sweet grandma of 19 and great-grandma of 9, she explained to me that back in the 70's and 80's she was a square dancing instructor and former middle school teacher.  My kids absolutely loved her - she gave them cookies and milk while we went up to the attic to take a look.  The attic was very hot, but I felt like I was in Heaven!!  I ended up getting 9 petticoats in all and all I left were the red and navy blue ones, and one that was damaged that I didn't think I would be able to repair.  I got this light blue one above and this dusty rose one below.

Two white petticoats and

this cotton candy pink ruffled piece of Heaven!

I also got a gorgeous fuchsia, green, lavender and one black one - perfect for Halloween!

But most importantly I made a new friend - and we have plans to meet again very soon so look through her sewing room and basement.  

June 15, 2011

Bead Swap Blog Hop

Today is the reveal of the bead swap that I recently hosted.  I had three different partners, because its just the way things worked out and because of last minute entries, etc.  But I absolutely love that because it means I get more gorgeous beads to play with!!

First up is Tracey of My Boutique Bijou.  She makes gorgeous jewelry that she sells in her online store  and on Etsy.  Tracey sent me this beautiful embellished box with lots of old lace and vintage millinery.

She sent me lots of vintage goodies from her stash as well as an amazing Victorian locket with the initial "S" on it.  What Tracey didn't know is that I collect old things with an "S" or "Sarah" on it.  I am slowly building up a nice collection and then plan on making a shadow box with all of them to put into my studio.  

The beads that Tracey send include glass, vintage and freshwater pearls.  They are so pretty and can be used together or separately.  Thanks Tracey!!

Next up is Clair of Obstinate Pursuits.  She makes amazing cards and has some really awesome tutorials on her blog.  Check out the one where she makes a scarf out of tights.  Seriously - its amazing!!  Clair sent me this cute packaging with adorable handmade flowers!  And the colors are right up my alley too!!

Inside she included pretty Czech glass beads, seed beads, freshwater pearls and some mother of pearl buttons (that I forgot to take a picture of, but believe me they are amazing!), as well as this amazing pink flowers.

I already know what I am going to make with these beautiful findings and when I get time I will finish up the necklace and share it with you.  She also send this amazing Paris cuff link!  Look at the details on this!  Love it!  Thanks Clair!!!

My last partner is Laura of Elemental Mercury.  Her package is still on its way and I will add pictures on this post once it arrives!  I am very excited to see what she sent!!

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I want to thank everyone who participated in this swap and made it such a big success!!!  Thank you!!!!

June 14, 2011

Words To Live By

 - Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother

June 02, 2011

June Antique Booth Pictures

This past month has been CRAZY when it came to my booth.  Bottoms Up is now at a new location (one block east and then one block south of the old location) and  for those who are local, there will be lots of signs on how to get there, so don't worry!   The move was long and hectic and took many trips, but in the end I think it will be worth it.  The new building is nicer and we are all on one floor rather than two, and we have two bathrooms instead of one!

My space is now 8x13, which is a lot smaller then my previous space, but I have managed to get it all in there.  I may move to a larger space at some point, but I am happy with the way things are for now.

My husband came and helped last weekend by putting up wire so I could hang curtains up.  He also helped me with suspending a bed spring from the ceiling.  I have more ideas in mind, but I had a limited time so I wasn't able to get everything done as I would have liked.

This girl looks a little naked, but she will have jewelry draped on her tomorrow.

This is how my jewelry table will be set up - with jewelry of course!!

I love making these little pedestals with vintage china and candle holders.  They can be stacked, used as cupcake stand, or used on a dresser to hold jewelry.

These two guys have been troopers the last couple of days while I put the finishing touches on my booth.  Its been hot and there isn't a lot for them to do, but they have been good ----- for the most part.  There were a few broken items when someone shoved another someone into a table.  They will remain nameless.