May 23, 2011

Joplin, Missouri - Tornado

Last night I was was quickly brought to tears as I was watching the ten o'clock news after hearing about the devastating tornado that ripped through Joplin, MO destroying at least 1/3 of the town. It is so heartbreaking to see the images coming out of this once beautiful town.  This morning I donated blood because there are a special announcement regarding the need for extra blood to help those who have been affected by this tornado and since I have a hard to come by type of blood, I knew it was the important thing to do.  

This afternoon I received this email from my youngest's kindergarten teacher:


Our kindergartners came in to school today all a buzz with the news of the tornado that occurred in Joplin, MO Sunday evening.  As we visited in class it became apparent to us that our little ones wanted to do something to help those in Joplin.  With permission from Mrs. Asplund, our principal, the kindergarten teachers have decided to have our classes participate in collecting items for the Heart to Heart International hygiene kits.  Each hygiene kit includes:
·        One new hand towel
·        One new washcloth
·        One wide-tooth comb
·        One 10-15 oz. bottle of shampoo
·        One new individually wrapped toothbrush
·        One 4-6 oz. tube of toothpaste
·        One individually wrapped bath-size bar of soap
·        Ten (10) adhesive bandages
·        Two (2) one-gallon-size, re-closable (press to close) plastic bags - *NOT w/ the zipper
We have divided the items needed for each hygiene kit by classroom below.  If you are able to help, please send in items by Thursday. We will have our classes help to sort the items into as many hygiene kits as we have supplies.   Any extra supplies will also be delivered to Heart to Heart.

Mrs. Ford
Miss J Tindle
Mrs. T Tindle
Mrs. Truman
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Wyckoff
New hand towel
Wide-tooth comb
10-15 oz shampoo
Wide-tooth comb 
10 to 15 oz shampoo
New hand towel 
Indv. pkg toothbrush 
4-6 oz toothpaste
New washcloth 
Indv. pkg toothbrush 
4-6 oz toothpaste
New hand towel 
Indv wrapped soap 
Adhesive bandages 
1 gallon bags
New washcloth 
Indv wrapped soap 
Adhesive bandages 
1 gallon bags

It is truly heart touching to listen to the kindergartners, knowing that this could occur anywhere.  Thank you for your help as we support their desire to help others and make a difference. 

The PVE Kindergarten Team 

My little guy has since come home from school and we had a very important conversation about what happened yesterday and his biggest concern are all the other kindergartners like him who don't have a house anymore.  It truly is touching to see how young little minds show such compassion and love for people they don't know.  

May 19, 2011

Pretty Packaging

Today I was perusing online for pretty packaging ideas for my bead swap and thought I would share all the pretty eye candy that I saw!

May 13, 2011

A Little Behind

I am sorry, but I am running a little behind in getting the partner info out for the bead swap.  I should have them out late tonight.

After I get the emails out, I am going to bunker down and read this book - and stay up all night doing so!!

Yes I love me some Sookie Stackhouse!!!  And I can't wait for TrueBlood to come out on HBO on June 26th!!!  Its sort of my guilty pleasure.

May 12, 2011

My Junky Day

Today was a fabulous day to be out junking.  Partly cloudy, mid to upper 60's and no rain!!  If been a while since I showed my junky finds and since I had a great day finding things I thought it would be a good post for today.

I love the old rusty shopping cart!  Its on the smaller side, I think it would be perfect to be used as a planter in a garden.  And with use like this, it would only get more rusty and more perfect.  I paid, well I am not going to share what I paid for this because I plan on selling it in my booth, but let just say that the guy who sold it to me asked if I would have paid more that what I did and I enthusiastically said yes!  He then turned to his wife and said "See!  I told you!"  I got a really big laugh out of that.  

One thing is missing in this picture, and that is a big rustic work table that I purchased at an estate sale this morning.  I had the truck with me, because I saw pictures of it on the estate sale's company's  website and knew it was going to be mine.  I was second in line and when the doors opened, I made a beeline to the basement and grabbed the tag off of it immediately.  And then I realized that it was going to be way too heavy for me to haul upstairs all by myself.  Tomorrow after my husband gets off of work we are going to go back and pick it up.  Its a beauty too and I will be utilizing it my antique booth next month.  

In the back of this picture you can kind of see a big paper bag that is full of vintage beads and sequins that I purchased at the same estate sale.  There are some beauties in that bag!!   I haven't had a chance to go through everything yet, but I will share those in a future post.  

The two paintings in the oval frames are originals and they are both so pretty!  I always pick up chippy old step ladders when I find them, because they are so versatile in many different ways - not only functional but decorative as well.  The same with the chippy white shutters.  I was told by the lady who sold them to me, that she had previously used them in her daughter's room to hang her stuff animals from them.  Again, not only functional, but decorative as well!!

The cute little white chair folds down and I also see that being used to hold a pretty container of roses in a garden or living room.

This picture also makes me realize that I really need to pull those weeds and sweep the drive way.  LOL!!

The patina on the frame that is in the back is AH-mazing!!!!  I am going to be using it as a display piece to hold some of my jewelry.

Some of what I found will be left alone and some of it will be given a shabby treatment.  Sometimes it hard to decide what to paint and what not to paint (the frame above will not be touched!!)  How do I decide what to change and what to leave as is?  Well it really depends.  Sometimes I will research something if I am unsure about it.  Other times I just dig right in and don't even worry about it.  And other times the patina on a found piece of junk is so beautiful I am not even willing to touch it because only time can give something that beautifully perfect aged appearance.

Lastly,  I did find one other amazing find, but not for myself.   Those of you who have boys under the age of ten probably know what these are........

This is a huge, and I mean HUGE box of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  I started counting them, but I stopped at 300 and there were a lot more to count after that, plus cards in binders and sleeves that I didn't even get to.  So this little guy below is going to come home from school with a really huge surprise.  Surely this will score me some major mommy points and keep him happy and content for the time being.  Maybe he will even clean his room without my having to ask.

Well, I can dream, can't I????

May 11, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.........

Yeah I know it isn't exactly the most original title, but I am too tired to think of something different. So the winner of these lovely beads is Bryanna of The Canary's Cupcake!!

I will be getting the swap partner info out to you tomorrow so keep an eye out for that!  I have lots to share and will be posting very soon to share all the news with you!!

May 05, 2011

May Antique Booth Pictures

Tomorrow is my monthly sale at Bottoms Up in Kansas City and today I went to update my booth space.  Here are some snapshots of what it going to look like this weekend.

This little guy went and helped me out this afternoon, although it was more like he caused trouble.  But that is okay, because I remember being dragged to antique malls when I was a kid and I hated it too.  I am going to have to bring him with me on Saturday because the rest of the family will be attending a graduation.  On the weekends when he has to tag along, I put him to work by helping me wrap things or give out Hershey's kisses  and stickers to other kids who are shopping with mom and dad.

Thanks Miranda for the awesome picture below!!!

May 01, 2011

Shabby Chic Bead Giveaway

I was going through my bead stash the other day and thought it would be fun to put together a little glass jar with a mix of pink, white and aqua beads to giveaway to one lucky winner!

This is a great mix of freshwater pearls, vintage glass beads, Czech glass beads, mother of pearl, aquamarine, rose quartz, cherry quartz, chalcedony, and moonstone beads.  This is a very pretty color combination - my favorite actually!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  Be sure to include a link or email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.  The giveaway closes on May 7th and I will announce a winner on May 8th.  Good luck!!

This weekend I went to Bead Blast - a local bead show in our area.  I picked up some new beads to play with and I am already dreaming of new designs with some of these new  beads.

These are Apetite, dyed aquamarine and Peruvian opals - 

Amonzonite, dyed quartz and moonstsone-

And lastly freshwater pearls.  The bottom pearls are my favorite - keishi pearls and they are on the larger size, a size I don't usually see.  

I had my eye out for some other gemstones, but I didn't have any luck.  Does any one know where I can get large moonstone nuggets?