April 08, 2014

Some Of My New Jewelry Designs


It's been a while since I last posted.  6 months actually.  I am going to just ignore that fact and do my best to get to blogging again.  I have been busy with my booth at Restoration Emporium and things have been going well. 

This past weekend was our sale and these pictures are from my booth.  Spring was on my mind and so I added a lot of green this month. 

October 30, 2013

Winter Wonderland - Booth Pictures November 2013

 This weekend is First Fridays also known as Warehouse Weekends in the West Bottoms in Kansas City.  My booth is located at Restoration Emporium and its safe to say that the store has done it again looks amazing!!  My goal was to be over the top and I think I did it!  Christmas is my favorite time of the year and so is decorating.  I usually get the tree up November 1st so I can get a full 2 months of Holiday cheer before it all has to be taken down again.  It will be the same at Restoration Emporium - two full months of gorgeous Christmas decorations and gifts!

I moved my space (again!) to the front of the store by the registers. I wanted to create a Winter Wonderland in my booth full of glitter and sparkle and holiday cheer.  

I love these white bottle brush trees with wooden bases.  Lots of silver and gold mercury ornaments and decor can be found throughout my space.  

Burlap is still huge for holiday decoration and I embellished these burlap stockings with ruffled ribbon and sequin trim.  

This cute antique buffet will be showcasing my new jewelry line.  I am not quite done with all the necklaces and bracelets so I will be sneaking in Friday morning before the store opens to bring the rest.  

This picture below kind of shows you where my space is when you walk into the store.  

***Tip - walk in door, head straight and there I am!!

And here is another from outside - I think it looks so pretty!  (Sorry for tooting my own horn!)

Hope to see you there this weekend!!