December 02, 2014

Christmas Towels

I love making tea towels to fit the seasons and holidays.   They wash easy and really do their job in drying dishes or cleaning up spills.  And with a house full of boys there are A LOT of spills that need cleaning up.  Last night I made several new designs from digital transfers that I purchased from Etsy.   These are some of my favorite Christmas tea towels to date that I have made and also my first venture with making them with color. 

November 28, 2014

Very Violet

Long time no post!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   There have been some changes at My So Called Junky Life and I am happy to announce that I am now at Very Violet in Lee's Summit, MO. 

Very Violet is located in a quaint house in downtown Lee's Summit and features repurposed and painted furniture, handmade gifts, jewlery and home decor.  I have filled my space full of Christmas decor. 

Check out Very Violet ' s Facebook Page at

July 30, 2014

Before and After

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Thrift Store and found a beautiful buffet for a song.  It had some problems so I knew if I bought it, it would have to be painted.  I brought it home and it sat in my garage for a couple of weeks until this weekend when I finally got the courage to paint it. 

I had received a free can of Amy Howard's Brahaus White while I am not really good with photos as far as a step by step, but here was my process.  Amy Howard's paint is not a chalk paint, but it also doesn't need any prep, so I started with my first coat using a 2 inch Purdy paint brush purchased at Ace Hardware. This paint dries pretty quick, but I also used a hair dryer to speed along the paint process so I wouldn't be waiting too long in between coats.  In between coats I lightly sanded and then removed the dust with a tack cloth.  In all it took 4 light coats of paint in all to get the coverage I wanted.  After that I hit it with my palm sander to distress it a bit and then used some Feed and Wax to add a light layer of wax and shine.  Easy peasey! 

In all, I think it took me about 5 hours to complete, with some downtime in between coats, and a couple of phone calls and lunch. 

I like Amy Howard's paint because of the ability to use without a bunch of prep.  The Brahaus White did take 4 coats to get full coverage,  but I know other paints I have used in white have also taken just as much, so I wasn't surprised about that.  It is also really durable and doesn't scratch off like some chalk based paints do.  I will definitely use this paint again!