May 12, 2014

New Booth Space In Charm

I am pleased to announce that I am opening a 2nd booth in a store called Charm.  Charm is located in Kansas City and is also known to locals as being in an area called Martin City.  Charm is open every 3rd weekend of the month and features vintage finds, repurposed items and furniture and great gifts and jewelry.   

After setting up my new space, I realized that I underestimated the size of my booth.  I had to sort of spread my stuff out.  I also have a middle part of that I share with another vendor and I had nothing to add to that area.  Next month I will be better prepared! 

The next sale at Charm will be May 15th-17th. 

May 04, 2014

Sale at Restoration Emporium

This weekend was our first sale at Restoration Emporium in our new location!  It was a fantastic sale!  I am wiped out of smalls!  This will be a month of lots of small shopping.  Maybe even an auction or two! 

The new building is so much cleaner and brighter and I am thankful for the move because there was an electrical fire today in the building next to our old location, which caused the power to be out all day.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but it's nice to be in a safer building without all those issues to worry about. 

I have a show coming up at the end of May which I will be preparing for, along with the June sale and then I am headed to Indiana for another show in the middle of June.  Lots coming up and I will be busy for sure, but I also like staying busy (except for today when I took a three hour nap.) 

April 23, 2014

She's A Big One!

I love bird cages.  Every time I see one and it's not expensive and I will be able to resell, I buy it to put in my booth.  Today I was out junking and decided to go to an area I don't usually shop at.  Lucky for me I did!  I came across this gorgeous iron bird cage.  She is at least 5 feet tall and HEAVY!  But it was worth the one woman struggle to get it into the back of my truck and bring it home and then drag it out for a good scrubbing.    I have visions of how I am going to use it as a display piece.  While it will be for sale, I almost kind of hope it doesn't sell for a while, just so I can play around with displaying it.